The Summit Sun

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Welcome to The Summit Sun Online!

The Summit Sun is the official newspaper of Summit High School. Founded by Bertram Kreuter, Adam Ninyo and Philip Dubow in January 2010, The Summit Sun features content written by students, teachers, and alumni about the things they care about. Our newspaper is free, and is published both in print and online every other Monday (unless otherwise noted). If you are interested in submitting an article, letter, or any other type of contribution, please feel free to email us at or contact us directly in Class 204. Thank you for reading. 

Editor in Chief: Rudi Weinberg

Executive Editors: Ani Kumin

Senior Staff Writers: Thomas Silverman and Dante Panora

Faculty Advisers: Barbara James, Dana DeBari, and Lisa Paolotti

Former Staff: Bertram Kreuter, Adam Ninyo, Daniel Lewitz, Max Sterman, Philip Dubow, Samuel Berger, Ezra Wolfgang and Andrew Feder and Matt Mallary.

Special Thanks: Joseph Weisberg (for his assistance in our initial formation and growth).